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LeGracie - quality foods, eat well and easily - simply cooking without cookbook.
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LeGracie on the road. Healthy, fast, easy and especially tasty. To eat quality foods, cook well and easily? Simply without a cookbook, it’s fun with LeGracie. The story of our products, which are produced from quality ingredients, are nutritious, are tasty and are ready in less than 20 minutes. You will understand how simple and easy it is to cook with LeGracie products. A story of quality food, which is tasty and, at the same time, quickly prepared without any worries.
100% from nature

It’s fun with LeGracie

Maybe the name LeGracie does not sound Czech to you, but it is only a play on words (“legrace” means “fun” in Czech). We are a genuine Czech family business from Tábor in Southern Bohemia. We produce foods that transform each of you into a chef without any worries.

Our foods are tasty, nutritious and chemical-free. You don’t need anything else for cooking; you just need salt, water and olive oil or butter. All the rest can be found in our sachets.

The love of food can take various forms

Today, we have less and less time for family and cooking. That is why we want to help you, busy people, at least in the kitchen. That’s how our LeGracie story came to be as well as our line of foods for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners.

All our products are chemical-free, without salt, without chemical preservatives and other rubbish. The sachets contain complex ingredients such as cereals, rice, vegetables, fruit and quality proteins or ingredients like chia seeds containing many vitamins and health-promoting minerals.

We believe that you should not spend more time preparing food than consuming it, so with us, you will easily manage to cook a three-course dinner or lunch in 30 minutes. Try it – you will experience LeGracie and save plenty of time, which you can spend with your family elsewhere.

Why LeGracie?

Anyone can manage to prepare tasty and quality food without chemicals with our sachets!
Travel around the world with us


LeGracie – that’s Italian agility for Czech (non-)cooks. Become a chef in an instant!


So good that it possibly can’t be healthy. But it is! Recipes prepared with love and with respect to nature.


Tonight, take a trip to dine in southern Italy! Or would you rather France? Travel the world with us from the comfort of your own kitchen!