A story of our products made from quality ingredients, which will give you the necessary energy, vitality and will save your time. With our products, do not expect any warm-up but the real brisk start of your hard day, whether you are a sportsman, student, mum or a hard-working man.

It’s fun with LeGracie

Perhaps the name LeGracie does not sound Czech enough, but it is just a play on words. We are a purely Czech family company from Tábor in South Bohemia.

We produce food that will give plenty of energy and vitality for a hard day to everyone.

The love of food can take various forms

At the present time, we have less and less time for ourselves and our family, and you, employed people, have very little time for eating. Therefore, we bring our story of LeGracie and our line of meals for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners.

All of our products are free from any chemicals, salt, chemical preservatives and other rubbish. The bags contain complex ingredients, quality minerals, proteins and SUPERFOODS.

We believe you should not spend more time cooking a meal than you spend eating it, so you will manage to cook breakfast or snack in 2 minutes. Let´s see you do it! Try it and enjoy LeGracie, save plenty of time you can use for other activities with your family.

Why LeGracie?

Start your day with LeGracie!
Travel around the world with us


LeGracie – that’s Italian agility for Czech (non-)cooks. Become a chef in an instant!


So good that it possibly can’t be healthy. But it is! Recipes prepared with love and with respect to nature.


Breakfast in the morning, snack and lunch at work – enjoy all inclusive with us.